Seven life-changing co-parenting Skills


We have the capacity to create much more joy and positivity in our lives than we realize. That doesn’t mean we can be joyful all the time; that is not the nature of life. But we do have to capacity to be joyful more than we are. We need to cultivate joy and positivity not just because it will make our lives better, but because it helps our children.

Children live in our emotional soup. If we are angry, they are living in the anger with us. If we are joyful, they are living in the joy with us. We can pretend that children are not affected by our emotional states, but that would be a mistake. Children absolutely are affected by our emotional states, even if they don’t look like they are.

The more you are joyful and positive, the more your children live in an environment of joy and positivity, which helps build ground under their feet. Feelings of joy and positivity help children feel like the world is a good and secure place.

Research shows that we can actually change our own brains for the better. And, it is simple to do so! Wise parents work at cultivating joy and positivity for the sake of their children and their well-being.

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