Seven Life-Changing Co-Parenting Skills


#2. Let Go of What You Can’t Control

You can’t change your co-parent.

It is very difficult to give up on wanting them to change when they are making your life difficult. But the unfortunate truth is that people don’t change because we want them to or tell them they should.

Co-parents often waste a lot of energy trying to get their co-parent to be different. When they are wasting energy, they are also NOT putting energy into the things that would actually contribute to their own lives and their children’s lives.

When you keep trying to change your co-parent, you are actually giving THEM the power. It is like you are saying “I need you to be different in order for my life to be ok” and although it might feel like your happiness hinges on your co-parent, IT REALLY DOESN’T. 

Wise co-parents are clear about what they can and what they can’t control, and learn to put their energy where it will count.

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