no matter how difficult your co-parent is!

“I loved this program. The content is phenomenal and Ms. Holleron delivers her messages with clarity and compassion. I feel more hopeful than I have in years.”    

“This class is a blessing. In my high conflict divorce I felt sure none of us were going to leave this healthy. I now believe that with persistence and self awareness, my children and I will have a successful life.”

“This class will put the world in perspective for those entering into a very difficult change: the world of divorce and co-parenting.”

“This class does an excellent job of giving a sense of perspective and hopefulness in a situation that is anything but hopeful. It teaches some excellent tools to not let another person’s hostility control your own life.”

“This class was more than I could have ever imagined. It was more than a high conflict co parenting class. It gave life lessons on positivity, joy and gratefulness. It taught me lessons about myself and my outlook and how to focus on my children.”

Freedom Co-Parenting! 


Free yourself from the influences that
keep you powerless and unhappy.


Stressful co-parenting situation?

Feeling powerless?




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Resources for Therapists, Mediators and Attorneys

Online CEUS for LCSWs, LMFTs, LCPCs

Learn unique clinical approaches to offering help to divorced co-parents.   Approved by NASW for 6 CEUs

Tools for Working with Clients

Find out about “Class Packs” “Book Packs”
and other resources for working with co-parents

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The Must-Read Book for Every Co-Parent!

Dive into the real issues that face the challenging task of parenting after divorce in this  book that provides invaluable help for divorced co-parents. Learn why we often inadvertently work against our own best interests and those of our children. Gain tools to move out of difficult emotional states and into a place of clarity, power and wisdom.

“Divorce is difficult and complicated. This book opened my eyes to some things I’ve been doing that hasn’t been helpful to me or my child.”


Co-Parenting Tips and Advice

From the Blog

Co-Parents! Gain Power By Letting Go!

Excerpt from "An Unexpected Journey: The Road to Power and Wisdom in Divorced Co-Parenting" Imagine that you have a given amount of energy to expend in a day--let’s say 1000 units of energy. Knowing that you have a finite amount, you would want to make sure you spend...

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Difficult Co-parent? Be A Hero!

You started out with good intentions. You partnered with someone. You decided to walk the path of parenthood, and you intended for it all to be good and right. And then things fell apart. You didn’t know how to fix it or you recognized that it wasn’t fixable. And then...

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Co-Parenting, Emotions and the Brain

Co-parenting, especially when there is conflict, is very emotional. Often, if not always, co-parents try to resolve issues when they’re in emotionally reactive states, and that is almost always a set-up for disaster.   WATCH THE VIDEO! You...

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