A Deeper Look

Combination Online Co-Parenting Class and Six Virtual Sessions

Are you serious about improving your co-parenting relationship?

Are you willing to commit to the exploration needed to bring those changes?


*This program is NOT for co-parents currently utilizing the court system to settle disputes.

A Deeper Look is designed for co-parents who are willing to take a good hard look at themselves. It takes courage to change patterns: this program is designed for co-parents who are ready to do the deeper work that is necessary to bring about change.

You can take this alone or with your co-parent.  If your co-parent is on board, it will be highly beneficial for you to do this together. If your co-parent is not interested, the changes you make within yourself will change you and the situation for the better. Doing it alone will be highly beneficial as well. You can also do it with a current partner.

Here’s how it works. Once registered for the program, co-parents are given access to the online class “Freedom Co-Parenting.”  We schedule six virtual sessions. Before each session, each parent completes a prescribed portion of the class. We then meet together for an hour and discuss the content, and how it applies to each of you and your situation. Homework is also assigned in between sessions.

At the end of the process, you will receive a certificate of completion outlining what the program includes. I will not provide any other information to the court under any circumstances, such as assessments, impressions or recommendations. This program is designed for co-parents who are serious about making progress and looking deeply at themselves and their own role in the co-parenting dynamic.

Program fee including the class and six sessions is $1200.

Questions: Please text or call 916-933-5011 for more information or to register.