Life-Changing Co-Parenting Classes

Things Can Be Better, No Matter How Difficult Your Co-Parent Is

Co-parenting classes by Alisa looks at difficult issues with respect, empathy, intelligence and depth. These classes will give you the tools to gain skills and knowledge that will change your situations and your life! You will come away feeling empowered as a co-parent, happier in your family and more at peace.

In a compassionate and practical way, Alisa’s gives co-parents a clear road map for not just coping with difficult co-parenting situations, but thriving and growing into wise, powerful and happy parents.

The Incredibly Helpful Book for Every Co-Parent!

Dive into the real issues that face the challenging task of parenting after divorce in this book that provides invaluable help for divorced co-parents. Learn why we often inadvertently work against our own best interests and those of our children. An Unexpected Journey stands apart from other co-parenting work in that it focuses on recognizing and working with specific intense emotional states. Gain tools to move through the issues of parenting after divorce challenges and into a place of clarity, power and wisdom.

“Divorce is difficult and complicated. This book opened my eyes to some things I’ve been doing that hasn’t been helpful to me or my child.”

Stressful co-parenting situation?

Feeling powerless?

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Co-Parenting Classes can be Life Changing

Alisa co-parenting classes provides co-parenting help that addresses the deeper emotional issues and co-parenting tools that will not only be helpful with co-parenting, but will also improve the rest of your life.

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