AlisaCroppedI am Alisa Jaffe Holleron, the creator/author of An Unexpected Journey book, classes and professional workshops.

I know from personal experience how intensely difficult and painful conflictual divorced co-parenting can be. Feeling as though we are losing control over the thing in life we love the most, our children, can be angering and frustrating at best, terrifying at worst.

It has become my life’s passion to assist divorced co-parents in finding their way to getting their feet on the ground, and regaining a sense of power and wisdom.

In the ten plus years I have been teaching co-parenting classes, I have learned that ALL parents (not most, ALL) have the same goals. They want their children to grow up to be happy and healthy, and they want to have ongoing deeply connected relationships with their children.

Unfortunately, when parents get in emotionally reactive states, which is very common in difficult co-parenting situations, parents lose the ability to work toward their goals, and in fact inadvertently, unconsciously, work against them.

My work focuses on understanding and working with difficult emotions, so that parents can be grounded and take wise and powerful action toward achieving their goals. In addition, my work focuses on deeply understanding the experience of one’s children as a way of cultivating deep connected relationship with them.

What I am presenting to you is not an easy fix, but a deep exploration into ourselves and our relationships with our children. Even though these situations can be so difficult, they are also an opportunity for us to work with ourselves in a way that can bring us to greater contentment in our parenting roles than we ever had.

I hope you will explore my material, purchase a book, come to a class, or if you are a professional, come to a workshop, and learn about the work that I am proud to say has helped many many divorced co-parents find power and wisdom in very difficult circumstances. I look forward to serving you!