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no matter how difficult your co-parent is!

Children of parents who took Divorced co-parenting class


  • That your co-parent does not have control over your life and your happiness.
  • What children need and how to develop strong connected relationships with them.
  • To use mindfulness to manage the difficult emotions of co-parenting.
  • To understand emotional triggers and reactions so you can control them.
  • To find joy and peace in your life!


  1. This divorced co-parenting class looks at difficult issues with respect, empathy, intelligence and depth.
  2. You will come away feeling empowered as a co-parent, happier in your family, more at peace, or your money will be refunded, no questions asked.
  3. This online class is easy to navigate: if you have any trouble at all, I will respond to you within hours, usually sooner!


  1. Register online and receive user friendly instructions for navigating through the program.
  2. Move through 8 lessons containing readings and videos at your own pace.
  3. Gain skills and knowledge that will change your situations and your life!




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Freedom Co-parenting Court-Ordered*

Online Divorced Co-Parenting Class


Court ordered to take a class? This is the class for you.

Includes quizzes and a certificate of completion.

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*Formerly “Finding Power and Wisdom in Difficult Divorced Co-Parenting”

What Co-Parents Found Useful About This Class:

“This class teaches you that it doesn’t matter what your ex does or says but it matters how you react and respond to that. And the way we respond teaches our children.”

“I have read thousands of co-parenting articles and several books specific to dealing with a co-parent that is difficult. Although I have gained insights as a result, Alisa’s course has finally given me the hope I’ve been searching for in regards to my scenario – for myself and for my child. The focus of cultivating compassion is life changing for me and my co-parenting relationship because it brings peace to my heart and gives me freedom from the anger and hate I’ve closely held. I don’t know if I would have been ready to receive and implement this information and these ideas at an earlier time, but I certainly wish I had come across this course several years ago. Thank you, Alisa for creating this course and impacting my life.” 

“First I love Alisa!! I completely connected with your charisma and persona, Bravo!! It was a great reminder of the things that really matter in this life and the co-parenting path. It provided a great perspective and able me to sympathize more with what my co-parent experience might be.”

I loved this program. The content is phenomenal and Ms. Holleron delivers her messages with clarity and compassion. I leave the program feeling more safe and hopeful than I have in years.” 

“The most helpful part of this class was to see all the ways I can help my children no matter what my coparent may do. I have a clearer understanding of how to be attuned to my children and the importance of being present with them. I understand how my own inner emotional state will have a huge impact on how they experience life alongside me. It’s been challenging, but so freeing!” 

“I learned that the children will always feed off of my actions and energy. I never say anything negative about my ex to our children, but I learned that they will still pick up on any negative thoughts and feelings and so me replacing negative thoughts with happy ones will help our children. I learned that when the other parent acts out, it is often comes from fear or pain. Knowing that the other parent’s actions come from fear helps me to have empathy for them even when their behavior is outrageous and damaging. The empathy doesn’t lessen the harm being caused but does help me view the other parent more compassionately.” 

“The class is fun and can make you cry. It’s serious and real. I benefited from it in my own ways. I am already very connected to my kids. But when it comes to the bitter taste of being manipulated and abused, this course gave me some good tools to move beyond that.” 

“Alisa Jaffe Holleron provides practical, easy-to-understand wisdom and methods for working with your co-parent to achieve the shared goal – to raise a happy and healthy child. I was continually impressed with how I discovered simple, new ways to view conflicts. Furthermore, Alisa had a funny way of showing us we already see things “correctly,” we just are not viewing them from the correct angle. The content never felt long, dry, or irrelevant – nice mixture of the mediums of presentation and variety of sources.” 

“Even though this is labeled a divorced co-parenting class, it really focuses on your role in the situation. This course gives you tool to combat difficult situations with difficult co parents not by attempting to change their actions but to change your own.” 

“This class was helpful in opening up my mind to my co-parent’s perspective. It also helped me realize that my current perspective is something I can change, even if my coparent’s actions or reactions remain the same.”

“I found the class helpful in many ways. Before the class I didn’t have compassion for the other co-parent, even though my focus was on my child. One thing I did not have in mind was being mindful. This was one of the main techniques I found very interesting and helpful.  I learned a lot on emotional reactivity.”

“This divorced co-parenting class helped me to understand my ex and not feel that he enjoys hurting me. To understand that he himself is hurting and to not take him lashing out at me so personally.” 

“Very useful because you learn about having compassion and showing good examples to your kids. So that your kids can grow up happy and fulfilled in their lives. Kind of like teaching them by being mindful and compassionate how to react when they see you react they can do the same. Learning that you can control your triggers and have emotions just don’t act off every single emotion with anger or any other way.”

“Alisa provides life-changing theories and practical applications to improve co-parenting relationships that greatly reduce common pitfalls caused by divorce. This is the best value for a self-paced combination of theoretical readings, lectures, and personal examples to manifest joy in ourselves for the benefit of our children.” -Makha Blu Wakpa, Ph.D. 

“This class was extremely helpful, I got a lot more out of it than I thought I would. Mindfulness, Focus on yourself, focus on your breath, be at peace with yourself, don’t worry about or try to fix the co-parent, it won’t work. Be the better person, your kids will figure that out themselves. Focus on making yourself a better person. Pay attention to your triggers and your bodies reactions. Pay attention to your breathing. Keep control of yourself. Be attuned to yourself so your can be attuned to your children and others.” 

“Shows you how to not only be present, but in tune with your children. Discusses what your children pick up on, whether or not you think they do. Shows you steps to meditate, helping you be more mindful.”

“This divorced co-parenting class is easy to understand and provides good examples and tools to use in different scenarios to prevent negative and overreactions towards the co-parent.”

“Gives you a perspective on not only what will help your child but will help you understand nearly everyone.”

This divorced co-parenting class provides valuable information on personal assessment and growth, as well as applying empathy and compassion to your coparent.

“I was able to relate to a number of examples and scenarios described within the course. I learned techniques that I will be able to use when the next conflict arises with my ex.

“This divorced co-parenting class explains in detail how to avoid conflicts and the importance of your child mental health. Don’t neglect your child well being because nothing is more important.”

“It give you tools to be a better co-parent. You do not control your ex’s actions, but this class helps reflect on your own actions; by doing so you can be happier and a better parent.” 

“Like many folks I went into this thinking what more could I really learn to be a better person and parent for my child? Surely, I know myself right? That is right, I do know myself well but not well enough to expand my way of thinking to be more positive but more importantly, I’ve now been exposed to the knowledge I’ve never comprehended before. Now I actually feel prepared to start using the knowledge I’ve gained to help myself become more grounded, happy and ready to help my children learn much earlier in life what I just was exposed to through this course.” 

“Patience. Patience will be key for me. While I am mostly able to look at the bigger picture here, I understand that it is going to take A LOT of work from me to practice being compassionate and mindful of my co-parent FOR my children. I began this course with an angry and bitter broken heart, and while I still have some of those feelings/moments, I can say that just in a few days of doing the coursework, I feel lighter and more willing to let things go for the sake of the happiness of my kids. As with anything this difficult, don’t expect everything encompassed here overnight. While I had hoped for that because I just want to be over everything, I realize now I’ve got quite the road ahead. It will be a process, but I think (at least in my case) I can start seeing myself being happier with just a few changes and the willingness to give my children what they deserve.” 

“I found this divorced co-parenting class very beneficial for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because it made me realize that I am not alone with co-parenting problems/ issues. In fact, what I am dealing with is quite common in the co-parenting world. This programs not only provides me coping skills to maneuver through the co-parenting issues, but more importantly, it outlines the importance of it for my children. While I may not be motivated to make changes in my co-parenting approach for the sake of my co-parent or even myself, I am highly motivated to make changes in my co-parenting skills for the sake of my children.” 

“Mindfulness is key and remembering the ultimate goal is to build relationships and trust with you children. Do not concentrate on the other parents shortcomings or problems. Remain consistent and always attempt to become better.” 

“This class is great!! I thought I was doing good at co-parenting but it taught me a lot of things I need improvement on. It has also given me more understanding about having compassion for my ex.” 

“This class helped me understand how this really affects the children when the parents get divorced. The one that really got to me as when the boy said that he was lost. As a child Divorce myself I believe that that’s how I have felt my whole life. And watching this video really open my eyes up. And I definitely don’t want my girls to feel this way. I want them to be and I can’t emphasize enough happy healthy successful in life. I don’t want them to feel lost and I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that myself in there coparent make their life is easy on them as possible. Thank you for this class it’s helped me tremendously.” 

“This class will help you realize strategies to use when dealing with a difficult coparent as well as help you learn about how to be emotionally happy for your kids.” 

“Much of the content has been spoken of in great lengths with my therapist over the last year. Having said that, I came into the program with an open mind, heart and appreciation for anything new to learn. It is always wonderful to have this information reinforced and I am grateful for the eye opening “Graduation” story. This is perfect for anyone who is willing to step outside of their comfort zone for the betterment of themselves and their family. Thank you for creating a fantastic program!” 

“The information was consumable without being preachy. Initially, I felt like some of the delivery was repetitious but that eventually helps to drive home the most important thing: how YOU are affecting your children, regardless of how/what your co-parent is doing.” 

“This class is useful to you if you want to understand ways to be less angry and reactive towards your co parent and or the situation of court etc.” 

“The content in this course is very succinct and to the point but has the capacity to quickly change your perspective on co-parenting and how to deal with your ex in the best interest of your children and their overall happiness.” 

“This class gives you a whole new perspective on how you see problems and situations you have with your co-parent and how to better manage them where it not only gives you peace of mind but helps you better your relationship with your child in the healthiest way mentally and emotionally.” 

“This class is a toolbox for you to use when things get rough or you’re confused as to why something is happening. It gave me tools I can use to improve bad situations.” 

“This class is awesome. I felt like it was a true gift. Even though I consider myself to be mindful and grateful and I most of the time have a tendency to find the positive in almost every situation, this situation has been difficult. The hardest thing I’ve ever been through. The law and justice system just doesn’t seem to listen or even care…but I can only do what I can do and nothing more. I learned that the best thing I can do for my Children is to be mindful of what I’m feeling and thinking, and when they go to a place that won’t be beneficial to myself or my children to redirect.” 

“Great easy to use class. Finished the class feeling more confident in my overall parenting skills. My anxiety for my upcoming court date has greatly reduced. A++” 

“Mindfulness mediation is incredibly helpful at least give it a try!” 

“Not only did the class present issues that are happening or can happen, the class focused on tools and things to think about to change the outcome. There was tips and tools provided to the problems, not just the problems presented themselves. Very peaceful voice and calm state of mind and presenter.” 

“This divorced co-parenting class allows you to view your co-parent as a person you once loved. It allows you to accept the things that cannot be changed about that person. It also allows you to be ok with who you are and to not be fearful of all the feelings surrounding your divorce. Instead, all of these feelings are ok, but how we show them is what we must control.” 

“The video that helps you focus on breathing was incredibly helpful in learning about my feelings beneath the shame and fear. What is really behind the reason I was reacting. I’m incredibly grateful for this divorced co-parenting class.” 

“If you are open-minded to receive helpful guidance then this will be a true benefit. I think we all know what needs to be done to improve our situations, but gaining tools to help through the process are necessary to make much needed changes.” 

“My divorce was hard. I initially took this divorced co-parenting class so I would have more ammunition in court when I went to ask for more custody. After hearing most of the videos I started to see everything wrong that I was doing and had done. I was hard to hear a lot of things because I was guilty of so many of them, but I’m glad I took this class. It was a wake up call for me to change me behavior for the sake of my kids. Thank you.” 

“Gives you more of an understanding that the other person is suffering also, help with techniques with dealing with a difficult parent.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how much a I learned from this class. We often feel that our co-parent is the one who “really” needs this, but if you approach this with an open heart and mind, you will grow!” 

“Well I believe that this class opened my eyes to how you can revert back to childhood thoughts and feelings when pushed in a negative way. I also feel like the Powerpoints helped describe the actions and reactions that you have when going through a troubling time like this.”

“The scenarios used are real life events and comparable to my situation. The class truly has you take a step back and get into your inner core. I highly recommend any parent to take these classes, whether it is court ordered or not. Definitely a great tool.” 

“This divorced co-parenting class was easy to follow, easy to understand, and the message was relatable to everything I’m going through in my divorce. I wish I would have taken the class the day my ex and I separated.” 

Even if you are coping with your situation. Your co parent may not be… This class gives you the insight of what your co parent may be going through.” 

“I found this class helpful because it gave me reasons as to why my co parent acts the way they do and how to productively communicate and deal with those actions to help me communicate what I want in a positive way. It also made me realize how much our co parenting interactions and issues affect our child and how important it is to have compassion and a low stress relationship to help her develop into a productive and healthy adult.” 

“I loved the course it was relatable and understandable. I felt like I was able to relate to all of the stories told and examples given. I’ve learned that I’m not alone regarding what I’m going through with my difficult co parenting situation and I actually feel hopeful.” 

“It really helped me understand that the most important thing is to be present and positive for my children.” 

“This class will let you be aware of where you are at in your situation. Even though I am sad and still angry at least I can identify that and work through it.”

“It helped me think outside the box, figure out what was getting the best of me, and even gave me a few exercises that I can practice on my own and with my two daughters to help us always see the positive to out weight the negative in live overall.” 

“You won’t regret taking this divorced co-parenting class. It helped me to realize I shouldn’t get so emotional and caught up on all the drama.” 

“At first I felt skeptical about taking this class. I felt as if I did not need to take this class since I felt as if I was doing the best I could on being the better parent for the best interest for my child. I felt that co-parent of my child needed this class and not I. After going through the session I felt as if I could relate to the situations that were explained and take better approach. This class helped me understand that overall my child will benefit from how a parent handles and approaches a situation.. To also being attuned and valuing the precious moment spent presently then in the future. Most importantly I’ve learned to stay calm and not be in a reactive state.” 

“Take it all in…Lots of great information.” 

“The analogies used throughout really put things into perspective to understanding things you didn’t realize you do or don’t do.” 

“I believe this class will help me not fall into the negativity trap I seem to get stuck in, when my ex-wife and I communicate.”  

“This class has helped me be more introspective and identify the ways I’ve been emotionally reactive and empowering my fears.” 

“That I learned about distress, fear and shame in the other side that makes him a bad person, was very helpful. I know I am dealing with a kid trapped in an adult’s body, I know he is carrying a heavy load from his childhood, I know he is a victim of his mother’s negligence, … I need to be compassionate and patient!” 

“The most important take away from this divorced co-parenting class is that it only takes ONE participant to make things better. Happiness lies within and the power to control my own emotional response will help my family the most moving forward.” 

“This class is a great perspective adjuster.”

“You are getting something in return which does not have monetary value. The value of this class was more than what I could ever expect.”

Get ready to reflect on where you are now and how you can improve yourself and the interactions you’ll experience with your co-parent. You’ll also have skills and tools that you can apply to life and situations as they may occur.”

“If you think you know yourself and your parenting skills allow for this class to walk you through how to become aware of what is actually happening.” 

“This class was not what I expected. It focused on being a positive attuned parent, being mindful of our emotional state and knowing we are only in control of ourselves and our reactions. Our children need these things to be happy, and well adjusted. Thank you.” 

“Pay attention some really helpful tools in this class. You get a better understanding of how our brain and mind work.” 

“I appreciate that this divorced co-parenting class is organized in a straightforward, practical manner and uses mixed format media and anecdotes, and although little of the information was new to me and I was court ordered to take it, I was able to stay engaged and learn new ways to think about my own core goals, reactive states and behavior.” 

“This class made me feel hopeful and it made me feel less alone to know that other parents feel some of the same feelings that I feel.” 

“I appreciate the classes focus on specific things that a co-parent can control (personal actions) rather than simply reacting to things outside your control.” 

“Help you get more joy out of life and bring more joy health and happiness to your children’s lives.” 

“The fact that the situational examples are spot on and the class provided great tools to handle those.” 

“This class has helped me understand my feelings and also how to be compassionate towards my ex even though this is not easy. the meditation is a great thing to use in your every day life if even for a few minutes a day. These things are extremely helpful to help me co parent better.” 

“I came in thinking that I would just tick this class off of my list to get more time with my children and “beat my ex” who I believe is not participating in co-parenting work. To my great surprise, I learned a lot and now feel equipped to respond to my ex with love and compassion (even if I disagree with him) and no longer need to feel anxious. I am greatly calmed by this course and already feel more powerful and less anxious.” 

“I found this class very helpful, during an extremely difficult time of separation. A lot of the information was already known, but it’s so easy to forget when you are in a space of fear and anger, as most people are when it comes to their children. This class was very easy to navigate through online, and I love that I can re-do the platform as many times as I need to. Although in person classes were my first choice, I loved the convenience of online, so I could do the lessons while my daughter is sleeping. Overall, very good class.” 

“This class is very helpful to me and I will recommend it to my family or friends that is or will experience trouble with their relationship and deal the right ways to deal with their children. I’ve learned in so many areas, how to look, react to my ex husband differently and to value the time that I have with my son right now.” 

“I am grateful to Ms. Holleron for how she has compiled years of work, research and her personal experiences into a positive course of action for conflicting parents. I have always felt I followed the road of compassion, but years of enduring anger from my ex, had me very defensive still. She has effectively reminded me how to diffuse my reactive state. Ironically, my ex husband, who either refused therapy, or would resist any self reflection if involved in therapy, responded well to the course. He told our daughter he wished he had been forced to take the course eight years ago. That of course, would have helped all of us a lot sooner. But, better late than never! Thank you, Ms. Holleron, for all of your help.” 

“This divorced co-parenting class is very helpful to me and I will recommend it to my family or friends that is or will experience trouble with their relationship and deal the right ways to deal with their children. I’ve learned in so many areas, how to look, react to my ex husband differently and to value the time that I have with my son right now.” 

“You are not alone. Lots of what you’re feeling is perfectly normal and lots of other people are facing and dealing with the same problems. And, they’re dealing with it a lot better than I was before taking this course. My only regret is that no one made me take this course 8 years ago, when my wife of 26 years filed for divorce and we suddenly our 5 year old daughter was in the middle. I made so many mistakes. I really believe I will do much better in the future. Thank you Alisa. If you were closer, I’d give you a great big hug! (With your permission, of course!)” 

“Thank you so much for this!!! I wasn’t expecting to learn much truthfully, but was I wrong. Everything from the reading segments to the videos… I learned so much about myself and how to better myself for the better of my children. I really think a lot of this info can help, even if you don’t have kids. VERY informative. :)” 

“The instructor really understands that we cannot control our co-parent, we can only control ourselves and how we deal with the situation. She focuses on finding the good, embracing our feelings, but controlling our reactions. This is a very helpful class for anyone going through a difficult divorce or co-parenting situation.” 

“You might be the best mom, dad, co-parent…. you may not be divorced, but you accepted that divorce is not an option, this class will definitely help you gain tools to cope.  I am no expert in marriage counseling, I have shared my learning of my divorce with parents who have fought and considered divorce for small reasons… i am going to recommend this class to them… online version at least. Thanks Alisa! This is a good primer.” 

“I really found this course useful. I will take what I have learned from this course and utilize everything. This course had helped me understand why my Ex behaves the way he does when it comes to co parenting.” 

“This class is terrific! I would recommend this class for literally everyone! Married, single, divorced, etc. I wish I had this class 20 years ago!!” 

“Co-parenting with some one who is not willing to take part does not mean your kids can’t have a happy and balanced life. Any parent is capable of providing the love and reassurance any kid of divorcing parents need.” 

“This divorced co-parenting class helps you become more open minded about getting along with the other parent for your child.” 

“This class breaks past the barriers of trying to “teach” or “train” the participant to have better understanding in order to elicit a better response and goes deep to the emotional roots of how we feel and how we are wired as humans. I find that it shows compassion and empathy for the parent on either side of any issue which is fitting due to the emphasis on those exact traits.” 

“I was referred to this divorced co-parenting class from my attorney’s office, as the court ordered both parties to take co parenting classes. At first I was a little upset about it but throughout this class I realized that there are things that are helpful and beneficial to ME and I never thought that would be the case! I love how Alisa used many examples to help understand things better, and I also love how there were some writing exercises that make you think about your own situation and how you can apply it to the topics being taught. I also enjoyed how there was some reading portions, but also some videos so you can listen while folding the laundry etc!” 

“This class is life changing for you, your children and spouse – whether current or ex. It is life changing for your family and most of all for you personally. Thank you Alisa, you are changing one life at a time.”

“Reminded me of whats important. Also taught me that I should not speak about mom, her mistakes and the truth. I can wait until she is 21 to speak with her about those adult things.” 

“This will remind you of the mistakes your making and help you grow as a person. Doesn’t matter who is right, if you can be a better person you can be a better parent.” 

“Surprisingly helpful, inspiring and interesting.” 

“It opens your eyes about your own behavior and helps you realize that we must take full responsibility of our thoughts and actions to help our children navigate the intricacies of co-parenting.” 

“This class is great to take to learn more about how you can help your child by helping yourself with emotions that you may be going through and you need to help resolve. This class is also great to take if you have a busy schedule and have a challenge in going to on-site appointments.

“Alisa does a great job of breaking down the concepts and goes into easy to understand depth on all the topics. I really enjoyed her course.” 

“This class is very helpful in the sense that it caused me to sort of sit back and think about my situation in a much more positive way, and gave me some tools I can use to help make things easier for not just my child, but for myself as well.” 

“First, the topics that are covered made me feel like the issues or triggers I’ve experienced as a co-parent are “normal” and I’m not alone. Secondly, I benefitted from realizing how to grow my own power and know, even as just one of the parents, that I can still positively impact my children.”

“This divorced co-parenting class helped me understand that my main goal was to raise healthy happy children. My reactions and attitude are seen and heard. I so desperately want to be the example of joy and gratitude. I know that compassion is not weakness.”

“I hadn’t communicated with my co-parent for more than a couple of angry sentences in years. We were able to communicate in a controlled environment which will hopefully provide the building blocks for a solid relationship moving forward.”

“Fantastic class that is a must for high conflict parents. This course will teach you that you cannot control your co-parent but you can control the way you react. You can control how you make your children feel and grow through positive influence. This course helped me learn a lot about myself and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to take it. I would highly recommend it!” May 2018

“How to be a positive role model and what is important to us and our children and how to feel compassion for the co parent.” 

“This class is wonderful and very helpful in helping you understand how to effectively understand what you are feeling and what your ex is feeling. Compassion and mindfulness are very key in learning to be able to co-parent effectively.”

“This class will help open your eyes to ways that you thought only you were dealing with. Whether its your own ways or your co parents ways, it pin points the actions and possibly why they may be occurring and how to deal with them, without the emotional reactions.”

“I found that this class did a good job of helping the participant focus on things within their own control. We can focus on our own actions, responses, feelings and attitudes and realize that through our own positivity we can benefit the lives of our children. We can also realize that we can never control what our co-parents do but we can empathize with them and ultimately by doing this we gain peace and understanding within ourselves.”

“I think it’s very helpful to look at the situation from the perspective of the child. Also, learning about the reactive state helped me to recognize how to manage my thoughts, feelings and reactions.”

“Alisa’s class was extremely helpful. I, personally, have been very anxious about my pending mediation and court dates. I have even felt powerless at times in dealing with my ex especially since she has been able to control significantly my ability to see my daughter. But in taking Alisa’s class I have been able to acquire invaluable learning tools to see the triggers that make me upset and even to understand how to express compassion and empathy to my daughter’s mother. This recognition has given me a better perspective of what I need to do in order to become more attuned with my daughter and to create the happiness that I want her to have for her life.” 

“Very informative and helpful with dealing with bad situations and hostile relationships.” 

“The best and most helpful outcome of this class for me was that I felt connected, could relate to my situation and it re-inforced my attitude of positive thinking – take in the good. The topic of compassion was really good and I learnt how I need to channel the positive energy and prevent emotional reactive states by using the space meaningfully.” 

“Lots of great insights to be absorbed in this course. Simple steps, if not always easy, that can help anyone in tough divorce situations and most importantly to help spare kids unnecessary anguish that can come from adult conflict.”

“Even though your co parent won’t or can’t change, doesn’t mean you don’t have to. This class offers good techniques to avoid negative situations and turn them into a positive experience for your child.”

“I highly recommend this class. I came in expecting another “Kumbaya” class and instead found a no-nonsense approach to co-parenting. I came away feeling empowered and more aware of mindfulness tools to help me not get lost in emotionally reactive cycles.” 

“Overall, a very beneficial class. The concepts were simple yet immensely effective. If you take the time to truly process and learn the lessons, you and your children will be rewarded. Thank you, Alisa!”

“It was helpful in many ways, but mostly helped me to understand how to better deal with conflicts in the future.”

“This course helps you with learning how to face your fears and be more truthful with your emotions when dealing with your children and the co parent. The advice given and coping skills can be used throughout life’s challenges and truly encourages me to deal with life itself! Personally I have a lot of work to do but I Thank you Alisa for your advice!”

“This class is important in that it makes you take a look at yourself and understand what you kids are going through.”

“This class will empower you in the way you respond in any emotional situation. The tools can be applied in all relationships and help you have more self awareness as well as self control.”

“This class will put the world in perspective for those entering into a very difficult change: the world of divorce and co-parenting.”

“Being open minded and putting your child/children’s feeling first while being attuned to their needs wants doesn’t depend anyone but you. You can make everything in your child life better by find healthy ways to communicate peacefully with compassion, put your child first.”

“Everything from the multiple resources to the simple instructions of just recognizing that at a point you need to realize your needs do come second to that sweet child/ren.” 

“It refocuses you on what is important which are the children who are affected by divorce.”

“I felt the class does an excellent job giving a sense of perspective and hopefulness in a situation that is anything but hopeful. It teaches some excellent tools to not let another person’s hostility control your own life.”

“This class is a blessing. In my high conflict divorce I felt sure none of us were going to leave this healthy. I now believe that with persistence and lots of self awareness , my children and I will have a successful life.”

“I learned how to help me deal with situations and my emotions, not just with my co-parent but also with my teenage son. There are some great stories about other peoples situations that made me really realize what kids of divorce and how much co-parenting effects that kids. There are stories that real people can relate to that makes you cry and smile as a parent if your kids were in the same situation.”

“I was surprised at how much information I got out of this class. The elements were well put together and easy to follow. The length of the videos, reading, and quizzes was not overwhelming and gave me the opportunity to take breaks between completing each module and come back to the class when I had time to fully focus on the subject.”

“The class provides significant insight into what your children may be going through in a conflicting divorce or separation. It also offers a very realistic and attainable way forward to co-parenting that will make life better for the co-parents and their children.”

“This class was more than I could have ever imagined. It was more than a high conflict co parenting class. It gave life lessons on positivity, joy and gratefulness that I have applied and shared with others. It taught me lessons about myself and my outlook and how to focus on my children. I feel grateful that I found this class. I highly recommend this class.”

“You named for me all the feelings I was feeling and their responses. I was lucky to be already in the mindset of become more mindful and had a established a daily practice. This class has helped me stay focused on continuing it and strengthen it.”

“This class should be taken by every co-parent no matter how bad or good their relationship is. It truly made me see our relationship from a different angle and gave me the skill set to make changes an improve it.”

“I found Alisa’s class very beneficial in dealing with my difficult situation, and helped me understand how to effectively deal with my co-parent and how this will benefit the children immensely. Alisa’s class, including the reading and online material (e.g. videos, etc) were very well organized! Thanks for making this a wonderful learning experience for me!”

“The information and insight gained in this class is truly powerful. I know it will help me be a better, more present and mindful parent to my children as we navigate these challenging waters together.”

“This class allowed me to look at myself from the lens of my children and co-parent. It allowed me to take control of my actions and the outcome that I always wanted, but did not know how. It is almost a step-by-step manual.”