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I am passionate about offering real hope and real help for co-parents! I developed my unique approach to help co-parents shift out of the repetitive, painful dynamics that become pervasive in difficult co-parenting situations. Tailored to co-parents who are looking for meaningful and lasting change, my approach calls on you to muster up your courage, look deeply at yourself and your children, and do the work that will free you of intense emotions and feelings of powerlessness. It will empower you to parent in a grounded, effective way, and help you and your children find more joy and peace.  I hope you will explore the approach that has helped many, many co-parents find a new lease on life.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance!   Alisa       Read My Bio      Contact Me

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An Unexpected Journey: The Road to Power and Wisdom in Divorced Co-Parenting

Fears about children and/or finances naturally lead to painful negative emotions such as anger, frustration and resentment. When we are overcome by these emotions, we lose our ability to be rational, make good decisions and communicate effectively. In these states, we often inadvertently work against our own best interests and those of our children. An Unexpected Journey stands apart from other co-parenting work in that it focuses on recognizing and working with these intense emotional states. In a respectful and compassionate way, An Unexpected Journey focuses on cultivating skills that empower divorced co-parents to understand and move out of difficult emotional states and into a place of clarity, power and wisdom. From this non-reactive, grounded place we are able to make decisions that benefit ourselves and our children.

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When parents separate or divorce, the emotional, psychological ground beneath children becomes shaky and insecure.  Children can tolerate this shakiness if things come back to a new normal within a reasonable period of time. When there is a high degree of conflict...

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