Sharon Dietsche, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I spoke on the same panel. Her talk entitled “Role Reversal: A Social Worker’s Guide to Redefining Parental Boundaries” was very well received and helpful.  In a nutshell, she spoke about how important it is for parents to be parents and the emotional impact on children when they are “in charge.” This is an extremely important issue in parenting today. It struck me as I listened to Sharon how relevant this is to co-parenting situations. There are many opinions as to how much input and control children of various ages should be given into parenting plans. Sharon’s work certainly can inform that question. The thing I liked most about Sharon was her straight forward, clear presentation, and her ability to present complicated information in a simple, understandable manner.

Sharon is the founder of JoyWell, LLC, a private practice in the Washington, DC Metro area focused on enhancing motherhood, providing parenting support and empowering women. She is a published author on parenting challenges and has worked with children and families throughout the country and abroad for more than two decades. Sharon is passionate about helping moms feel balanced and satisfied in life by getting more out of the energy they are already putting forth and is known to share fun and laughter with clients as she guides them to feeling more fulfilled and joyful.

Whether you live in the DC area or not, I hope you’ll check her and her website out: JoyWell Counseling.