Starting from our home in northern California, my husband, our German Shepard Enzo and I will travel across the country pulling our RV. You can see how excited Enzo is as we pull out of our driveway and hit the road. We will go through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Chicago and then head south. We plan to touch the coast in Savannah, Georgia and then head north, traveling up the Blue Ridge Parkway and finding our way to Washington DC. From there we hope to head up to Canada where we’ll loop back west along the Great Lakes.

Co-parenting work is my passion because I am deeply concerned about the ways families are dividing and turning on each other, and how much hatred, anger and fear children are exposed to in what should be their safe places. What I know deeply is that co-parents don’t set out to be in these situations; they find themselves in difficult dynamics and don’t know how to get themselves out.

I have worked for many years now to help co-parents see that they are not trapped in these dynamics; there are ways they can change themselves to change everything for the better. It has been very rewarding to see how co-parents can become empowered and turn their lives around.

I am passionate about co-parenting work, and immerse myself it in on a daily basis. Sometimes I am so immersed in it that I can’t think anymore. I can’t see the forest for the trees. I know that if I am going to continue to improve and grow my work, I need to step away. I need to open up space for new insights. There is something about going to new places and meeting new people that inspires new ideas and ways of looking at things.

I am setting out on this trip with the intention of finding new inspiration; to find REAL HOPE for co-parents. I will do this by opening my ears, eyes and heart to people, both co-parents and professionals who work with them.  I am looking for professionals  who are creating innovative co-parenting programs and services, and co-parents who have inspiring stories to tell.

Are you one of those people?  Hoping to meet you along the way!