Trina Knudsen  is an amazing woman. Both an attorney and a social worker, she started an agency in Olathe, Kansas called The Layne Project.  In addition to many other services, she teaches co-parenting classes with Bridget Jenner, (upper right) a dedicated Marriage and Family Therapist.

Trina and Bridget are not just satisfied to teach a class; they want results. That is, they want their co-parents to come out co-parenting better. They have developed an innovative program combining Susan Boyon’s Cooperative Co-Parenting curriculum and a whole lot of their own material. In addition, they require the co-parents to take my online class. They meet with co-parents individually, together and in educational settings. Their dedication to providing an excellent and effective experience is inspiring!

Trina invited me to stop in Olathe to meet her staff and do some consulting, as well as talk to a group of their local judges about my program. I was very impressed with the “home” they have created for the families that use their services. The Layne Project is a warm, inviting house with family friendly art and inspiring quotes hanging everywhere. The staff of ten is friendly and warm. They offer a wide variety of services including therapy, supervised visitation, supervised exchanges, custody evaluations and drug and alcohol assessments.

Thanks Trina, Bridget and staff for inviting me to your “home” and giving me a great big dose of inspiration! Keep up the great work! You’re awesome!