Goodland, Kansas was an interesting place. Enzo made some friends which he was so happy about! We stayed there for just one night as a layover. On a walk with Enzo in the morning we found something amazing: a huge replica of Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers.” Remarkable! Kansas is the sunflower state. One thing I love about traveling are these little unexpected surprises.

IMG_4025IMG_4022On our way out of town, I stopped by at the local courthouse to drop off a book, and give them some information about my online classes. I also gave the clerk three coupons for a free online class! So far, they haven’t been used. If you live in Goodland, Kansas, or you know someone in Goodland, Kansas, tell them to go to the county clerk in Sherman County, Kansas, and retrieve a coupon for a free online class!  And then tell them how helpful it was!