Are you being alienated from your children?

There is nothing more painful than being kept from your children. The phenomenon of parents being alienated from their children is epidemic. This is tragic.

If you are in a situation where your co-parent is taking action that alienates you from your children, you are truly being called on to be a superhero.  If you are going to walk through the situation in a way that will ultimately serve yourself and your children, you are going to have to learn to exercise an extraordinary amount of courage, emotional control and patience.

You will have to think out of the box, and stop doing the same old things that don’t work. You will have to engage in a different kind of battle.

The online class “Finding Power and Wisdom in Difficult Divorced Co-parenting” will teach you how to be with and communicate with your children, even if you have little or no time with them. ¬†Since you can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to dealing with the courts, professionals or your ex, it will teach you how to understand and control your emotional states so that you don’t do things that work against your best interests. It will teach you how to frame your situation in a more hopeful and positive way.

By making some simple, but powerful shifts in thinking, you will become much more grounded, and have the skills to move through your situation with power and wisdom.

What do you have to lose?

(Except a whole lot of misery and aggravation!)