Are overwhelming emotions getting the best of you?

Unless you’ve been through it is, it’s hard to understand how intensely emotional difficult divorced co-parenting can be.

Conflictual co-parenting can put us into perpetual states of emotional reactivity; it can feel like a vicious cycle that we can’t free ourselves from. We tend to use the same old strategies to deal with our emotions, but they don’t work, and we don’t know what else to do. When we’re in emotionally reactive states, we wind up doing things that work against our own best interests.

There are two things that can REALLY help!

  1. MINDFULNESS is a simple, but powerful tool for helping you work with your emotional states. Using mindfulness, you will gain the ability to take action that is your own best interest, as opposed to taking action that is habitual and ineffective. Research shows that using mindfulness helps people with emotional regulation, and helps parents feel better about their parenting.
  2.  Learning about how emotional reactivity works empowers you to recognize how it progresses, and how to take steps to move you out of emotions that lead to ineffective actions.

The online class “Freedom Co-Parenting” will teach you why we get thrown into emotional reactivity and will teach you skills for getting yourselves out of these states.You’ll be amazed that by making some simple, but powerful shifts in thinking, you can take your power back. You and your children can have a happy, wonderful life NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT YOUR EX IS.

What do you have to lose?

(Except a whole lot of misery and aggravation!)