Mindfulness and Co-Parenting

A Virtual Workshop

Mindfulness and Difficult Co-Parenting

Saturday July 30, 2022

9:00AM-3:00PM Pacific, 10:00AM-4:00PM Mountain,

11:00AM-5:00PM Central, 12:00PM- 6:00PM Eastern

Fee: Sliding Scale $50-$125

In this Mindfulness and Co-Parenting Workshop you will learn:
  1. The basics of mindfulness and how to incorporate a mindfulness practice into your life.
  2. How to work with the intense emotions of dealing with a difficult co-parent. 
  3. To see your reactions more clearly and move yourself out of difficult emotional states.
  4. To take actions that are in your own best interest and your children’s best interests. 
  5. To be more present to your children, a critical element of effective parenting.
  6. To feel more grounded, more in control, less powerless, more powerful!
How is the Mindfulness and Co-Parenting Workshop structured?

The workshop takes place on Zoom. The workshop is structured in a way that offers a variety of engaging activities. The day is divided in two 2.5 hour parts with a one hour break between them. Each part has a ten minute break. Each part will consist of a talk, a guided meditation, discussion and questions/answers.


And receive a free copy of my book

“An Unexpected Journey: The Road to Power and Wisdom in Divorced Co-Parenting”

Frequently Asked Questions


Who should take this class? Any divorced, separated or never-married co-parent who is dealing with mild, moderate or intense difficulty in their co-parenting relationship. Any co-parent who wants to improve their parenting and be the best parent they can be!

Are there any pre-requisites for this workshop? Although there are no prerequisites, it is highly recommended that you take my online class “Freedom Co-Parenting” or read my book “An Unexpected Journey, the Road to Power and Wisdom in Divorced Co-Parenting” in preparation for the workshop. When you register for the workshop, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase the online class for 50% off of the normal price.

Why do you offer a sliding scale, and how do I figure out what to pay on the sliding scale? I offer the sliding scale because I want to make sure that everyone who wants to participate can participate. If the suggested fee of $125 is affordable,  please pay that amount. If paying that amount means that you wouldn’t participate, choose an amount that feels doable for you.

I am court ordered to take a co-parenting class. Will this workshop count?  Every county is different, so it is impossible to give a blanket answer to that question. If requested, you will receive a certificate of completion for the workshop that you can submit to court. The online class provides a certificate of completion as well. The workshop and online class together, which is considered a total of 21 hours, would be accepted by many counties. It is always a good idea to check with the court. Please text or call me 916-933-5011 if you have any questions about this.