Live Oak closes 
but services continue…

We are very proud of the services we offered for ten years and the space that we created. We are sad to say goodbye, but as they say, every ending is a new beginning, and we are also looking forward to our next steps. Please check out what we’re doing!¬†

Alisa Jaffe Holleron, LCSW

Alisa relocated to the Chicago area, but continues to offer ONLINE CO-PARENTING CLASSES, as well as VIDEO SESSIONS to California residents. Please explore this website to see the full range of services that Alisa continues to offer.

Susan Simpkin, PsyD

Susan has opened a new office in Cameron Park where she continues to see clients. Call her at 530-277-1885, visit her website at, email her at

Donna Hoenig-Couch, LCSW

Donna is on sabbatical until October. You can call her at 916-276-1199 or email her at