Life Changing Divorced Co-Parenting Book

Effective Tools for Raising Children after Divorce
Divorced Co-Parenting Book

Who Should Read this Divorced Co-Parenting Book?

  • High conflict divorced co-parents
  • Newly separated or divorced co-parents
  • Long-time co-parents who are stuck in a difficult dynamic


What Will You Learn?

  • That your co-parent does not have control over you life and your happiness.
  • What children need and how to develop strong connected relationships with them.
  • Effective skills for managing the difficult emotions of co-parenting.
  • To find joy and peace in your life!

Yes, this divorced co-parenting book will help!

What divorced co-parents have said about this book:

“Divorce is difficult and complicated. This book opened my eyes to some things I’ve been doing that hasn’t been helpful to me or my child. This book is worth reading for all divorced parents. I’m learning as I go because, for me, divorce has definitely been an unexpected journey.”

“Alisa has a tremendous degree of skill with people. Specifically, she has tremendous skill at resolving conflict and teaching others to resolve their own conflicts. She has taken her many years of experience developing these skills and written an amazing book. This book is an easy read. Even when read in bits and parts, I believe the reader will gain skills and understanding not found in any other book.”

“While I thought I had heard and read it all regarding divorce and the impact it has on one’s children, Alisa’s book An Unexpected Journey: The Road to Power and Wisdom in Divorced Co-Parenting resonated with me. I didn’t feel like I was hearing what I had heard a million times before, Alisa put the situation in a context that I could understand and relate to. One of her real life stories, “Be Careful What You Wish For”, was very powerful for me. The book has motivated me to change my thought process and as a result of that, I have found more peace and maturity in dealing with being divorced.”

“An Unexpected Journey is so valuable because it does not set unrealistic expectations or pass judgement on co-parents about what they are doing wrong. Instead, co-parents are given real tools to work with the very real and intense emotions that all people naturally experience during a divorce when children are involved; especially if the co-parents are having significant difficulty working together. The author speaks to the reader in a compassionate and empowering voice that embodies the approach she is teaching co-parents. Parents will find that working with the tools in this book help reduce the overwhelming feelings such as anger, embarrassment, grief, and confusion and in their place, a new sense of compassionate empowerment grows.”

“Very helpful. Good for everyday living and co parenting. Great workbook with exercises. I would recommend for everyone. Thumbs up.”