Court-ordered to take a co-parenting class?

Who should take Freedom Co-Parenting online class?

  • High conflict divorced co-parents
  • Newly separated or divorced co-parents
  • Long-time co-parents who are stuck in a difficult dynamic
  • Co-parents who are court ordered to take a class

Is this online class court approved?

States and counties have different requirements. Unless your court order specifies a particular class, or specifies that you must take a class on their court approved list, it is very likely that this class will meet the requirement. If you need help figuring this out, fill out the contact form below and we will be glad to help!  It is always a good idea to check with your county to be sure. Be sure that your court order allows online classes

What will I learn?

  • That your co-parent does not have control over you life and your happiness.
  • What children need and how to develop strong connected relationships with them.
  • Effective skills for managing the difficult emotions of co-parenting.
  • To find joy and peace in your life!

Yes, you will be a happier and more effective divorced parent

What parents are saying:

“This class is a blessing. In my high conflict divorce I felt sure none of us were going to leave this healthy. I now believe that with persistence and lots of self awareness , my children and I will have a successful life.”

“This class was more than I could have ever imagined. It was more than a high conflict co parenting class. It gave life lessons on positivity, joy and gratefulness that I have applied and shared with others. It taught me lessons about myself and my outlook and how to focus on my children. I feel grateful that I found this class. I highly recommend this class.”

“This class should be taken by every co-parent no matter how bad or good their relationship is. It truly made me see our relationship from a different angle and gave me the skill set to make changes an improve it.”

“I found Alisa’s class very beneficial in dealing with my difficult situation, and helped me understand how to effectively deal with my co-parent and how this will benefit the children immensely. Alisa’s class, including the reading and online material (e.g. videos, etc) were very well organized! Thanks for making this a wonderful learning experience for me!”

“The information and insight gained in this class is truly powerful. I know it will help me be a better, more present and mindful parent to my children as we navigate these challenging waters together.”

“This class allowed me to look at myself from the lens of my children and co-parent. It allowed me to take control of my actions and the outcome that I always wanted, but did not know how. It is almost a step-by-step manual.”

How is this class structured?

This class is a combination of engaging videos and readings. Once you register, you move through the class completely at your own pace. The class is comprised of eight lessons, most of which end with a quiz. If you are not interested in receiving a certificate of completion, upon request, we will eliminate the quizzes.

The eight lessons contained in the class are:

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. What Do You Really Want and How Do You Create It?
  3. What Do Children Need? What’s It Like to be a Child of Divorce?
  4. What is Emotional Reactivity and How Does Diminish Your Power?
  5. Mindfulness- A Powerful Tool for Working with Emotional Reactivity
  6. Learning to Act from your “Smart Brain” not your “Dumb Brain”
  7. Understanding Why Our Co-Parents Behave the Way They Do
  8. Now What? Living Our Lives to Benefit our Children


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