Co-parenting can be so difficult that it can feel like you are enslaved by your circumstances; like there is no way out, and you are destined to a life of difficulty. But this is not true!

You can have freedom from feeling like you are controlled by your ex. You can free yourself from worry, anxiety, anger, frustration and negativity. And, you can have freedom from your own habitual reactions- the ones that work against your own best interest and the best interests of your children.

By signing up for this class, you are taking a path that will bring you the freedom to live your life with confidence, independence, joy and positivity.

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Lesson 1: Welcome & Introduction (Freedom)


Lesson 2: What Do You Really Want and How Do You Create It? (Freedom)


Lesson 3: What Do Children Need? What’s It Like to be a Child of Divorce?(Freedom)


Lesson 4: What is Emotional Reactivity and How Does Diminish Your Power? (Freedom)


Lesson 5: Mindfulness – A Powerful Tool for Working with Emotional Reactivity (Freedom)


Lesson 6: Learning to Act from your “Smart Brain” not your “Dumb Brain” (Freedom)


Lesson 7: Understanding Why Our Co-Parents Behave the Way They Do (Freedom)


Lesson 8: Now What? Living Our Lives to Benefit Our Children (Freedom)