Co-Parenting Classes for El Dorado County

Weekend Courses in El Dorado Hills, California

Who should take a co-parenting class?

  • High conflict divorced co-parents
  • Newly separated or divorced co-parents
  • Long-time co-parents who are stuck in a difficult dynamic
  • Co-parents who are court ordered to take a class

What will I learn?

  • That your co-parent does not have control over you life and your happiness.
  • What children need and how to develop strong connected relationships with them.
  • Effective skills for managing the difficult emotions of co-parenting.
  • To find joy and peace in your life!

Is this a court approved class? 

Yes! This class is approved by El Dorado County. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the class that is accepted by the El Dorado County court.

How has this helped other parents?

“My case is a very complex high conflict situation. I am amazed how this class was able to help me understand how to deal with the complex issues that arise in a co-parenting situation.”

“This class was literally life changing. Not only did I learn to identify my own triggers, but my ex’s and son’s as well. What I learned also helped with my work and personal life. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this class.”

“Alisa is so tuned in to each and every one of us with true sincerity.”

“Alisa’s class is filled with wisdom and tools tools that will allow divorced co-parents to walk the different paths in supportive and communicating way.”

“This class helps deal with REAL life situations.”

“This class should be taken by every co-parent no matter how bad or good their relationship is. It truly made me see our relationship from a different angle and gave me the skill set to make changes an improve it.”

Upcoming Classes and Fees

El Dorado Hills, CA

January Weekend Intensive, 2019
Live Oak Center for Psychotherapy and Education
Friday, January 4, 6:00PM- 8:00PM
Saturday, January 5, 9:00AM- 5:00PM
Sunday, January 6, 9:00AM- 1:00PM

$250 per co-parent
$450 for co-parent and CURRENT partner ($50 discount)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I attend this class with my co-parent?
No! Participants DO NOT attend with their co-parents! Co-parents are encouraged to enroll with their current partners. The reason co-parents don’t attend together is that it is imperative that co-parents have a stress-free, safe environment in which to learn the skills that will improved their situations.

What is a weekend intensive and why do you structure them that way?
A weekend intensive is a class that takes place over one weekend. This intensive format is not only convenient for co-parents who don’t want their class stretched out over many weeks, but also helps create a learning atmosphere that is very conducive to this type of learning.

Does this class meet the requirement for “high conflict.”
Unless your court order specifies a particular class, or specifies that you must take a class on their court approved list, it is very likely that this class will meet the requirement for “high conflict.” It is always a good idea to check with your county to be sure.