A Unique & Powerful Approach

I recognize that in many divorce situations, parents feel as though they are losing control over what is mostly deeply important to them- their children and their sense of security. Feelings of powerlessness and desperation propel co-parents into intense and difficult emotional states that often cause them to act in ways that are counterproductive to their own needs and desires, and the emotional needs of their children. My approach focuses on understanding difficult emotional states and developing skills to get co-parents out of difficult states, so that they can think clearly and do what’s in their own best interests and the best interests of their children.

I focus us on what co-parents REALLY WANT and help them get there! We all want our children to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted and we all want to have strong connected relationships with our children.  My approach explores the newest and most cutting-edge ideas and research about what helps children, and what helps parents build strong relationships with them. This knowledge enables co-parents to take effective action toward creating what they want.

My approach is REALISTIC about our co-parents! Co-parents often spend a lot of time and energy trying to get their co-parents to do things different.  Unfortunately, that  energy and time is rarely productive. Trying to change one’s co-parents takes energy away from what a co-parent can do to help their  children develop in a healthy way, and help themselves feel better!  My approach explores how to “unplug” from unproductive uses of energy, and PLUG INTO action and ways of being that will create what co-parents REALLY want!

I focuses on cultivating CALM, JOY and POSITIVITY!